The University of Toronto Pre-Law Society is proud to announce a new cost saving initiative for our members. For the 2018-19, year we are planning on partnering with the McGill Pre-Law Students’ Society (MPLSS) to bring billeting to both our schools!

What is billeting? The billeting system is a reciprocity based lodging system which works as follows: pre-law members from the university hosting a tournament (i.e.: UofT Cup Moot) agree to host competitors from a competing university (McGill) in their homes/residences. In exchange, pre-law students from the competing university agree to host some of our members when they host a tournament (McGill Invitational). This essentially turns into a lodging system which helps competitors save on hotels.

How can I participate? As a UTPLS student you can participate in one of two ways:
Volunteer to be host for either the UofT Mock Trial Competition and/or
Apply for billeting at the McGill Invitational Moot Competition.

Am I eligible to host? In order to volunteer as a host you must:
Have floor/couch space to host a student(s). You are NOT obligated to provide any other necessities such as food or linens; and
Live in a residence, apartment, or house which is within 30 minutes of the UofT St. George Campus.

Why should I volunteer to host? There are several reasons to volunteer as a host:
Priority consideration for billeting spots at the McGill Invitational Moot Competition;
Special consideration for UTPLS mooting and mock trial scholarships.

The form below serves a sign-up sheet indicating interest to serve as host for the UTPLS Mock Trial Competition. Obligation to host is limited to November 2nd and November 3rd.

Upon Completion of this form, you will be contacted with more information!