1st: Team K – Caroline Chen, Shawn Medeiros, Thomas Gendron, Clement Tsai
2nd: Team I – Maria Hutt, Anna Nabutovsky, Disha Mittal, Adrian Gudiño
3rd: Team H – Isabelle Nord, Brian Kehoe, Nicholas Howell, Angelina Tang
4th: Team A – Sara Rasikh, Alan Yue, Christie Lee, Noa Bonen
5th: Team B – Shanya Ah-ton, Jakob Harvey, Adin Chan, Deborah Klebanksy
6th: Team G – Abdul Ali, Mabior Ater, Erik Guerrero, Mitra Shekari
7th: Team E – Ramsha Malik, Aiman Aijaz, Aqsa Qureshi, Xiao Tao
8th: Team M – Yana-Viviane Zilber, Rojin Esmaeili, Melanee Rajapakse, Peter Wu

Congratulations to these teams for moving forward. Please arrive for check-in at 8:45am tomorrow morning. Quarter Final rounds begin at 9:00am sharp. If your team did not qualify, you are more than welcome to come watch tomorrow’s rounds (Ending by 3:00pm). Thank you all for participating and we look forward to seeing you tomorrow bright and early!

**SPECIAL NOTE: remember that hours go back tonight. So make sure to use that one extra hour of sleep/prep 


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